DEME, Shell, Quadran to Jointly Bid for Dunkirk OWF

Image source: DEME

DEME Group, Shell and Quadran Energies Marines are entering an industrial partnership that will build the Dunkirk offshore wind farm in France if their offer at the recently announced tender is selected as the winning one.

Image source: DEME

The partnership, called Moulins de Flandre, has the right to participate in the competitive dialogue as DEME is one of the ten companies that were pre-selected to compete for the project in May 2017.

Following the tender launch on 15 November, developers now have four months to respond, with the winner expected to be announced by mid-2019.

Moulins de Flandre partners state that their strengths lie in their complementary expertise and successes in more than 50 offshore wind farm projects across Europe, and that their joint application will propose a reliable, competitive and effective industrial project.

“Our industrial partnership for Moulins de Flandre allows us to co-construct, with the local area, an application based on realistic, concrete and direct commitments,” said Tako Keja, Director of the Moulins de Flandre project.

“This means that if the application of Moulins de Flandre is selected, the partnership has made a commitment to establish the maintenance hub of the wind farm in Dunkirk. This is a project that would generate around 150 local jobs for the whole life cycle of the wind farm, i.e. a minimum of 25 years, in addition to what we have already achieved with other offshore wind farms in the North Sea,” Keja explained.

The Dunkirk offshore wind farm will cover a 70km2 square area and have a maximum capacity of 500MW.