Open Ocean Adds VORTEX Features to Metocean Analytics Platform

Illustration; Image source: Open Ocean

Open Ocean and VORTEX have teamed up to create what will be, according to the two companies, the most complete online solution for site analysis during offshore wind project development, based on the Metocean Analytics platform.

“Our goal is to bring the best offshore data analytics to all the actors of the offshore energy sector. With VORTEX solutions made available through Metocean Analytics, we add very valuable additional data for analysis directly accessible online. This will accelerate the site analysis process for offshore wind developers,” said Renaud Laborbe, Executive Chairman of Open Ocean.

Metocean Analytics was launched in 2015 by Open Ocean, a France-based marine data intelligence specialist, and has been upgraded to include the SERIES and FARM solutions from Spanish wind energy data and analysis company VORTEX.

Open Ocean stated that offshore wind developers will now get the best of both worlds from the combination of high resolution, high quality wind data with the most advanced online offshore conditions analytics tool available on the market.

In March 2017, Naval Energies (former DCNS Energies) chose the Metocean Analytics for the analysis of metocean conditions at potential project sites.