ZTT Enters Offshore Wind Construction Market, Orders Three Vessels

Zhongtian Technology (ZTT) has signed an agreement with China Merchants Heavy Industry for the construction of two wind turbine installation vessels (WTIVs) and one crane vessel, after the Chinese power cables manufacturer entered the offshore wind construction market this summer.

Image source: ZTT

For ZTT, China Merchants Heavy Industry will build two 600t non-self-propelled jack-up platforms, capable of installing wind turbine components and carrying out offshore wind operation and maintenance (O&M) tasks.

The platforms will be capable of operating in areas with a sandy seabed and in a maximum water depth of 50m. They can be towed for far offshore deployment and can also be self-propelled for short distance O&M tasks within a wind farm, providing accommodation for 100 people.

The non-self-propelled, full-swing crane vessel is suitable for hoisting operations of various large and heavy components in offshore waters and harbours, as well as intertidal zones. It will have a maximum fixed lifting capacity of 1600t, with the maximum hanging height of 110m.

Besides the domestic market, ZTT also hopes to serve the international offshore wind market once its three construction vessels are delivered.

ZTT left the contract details unknown, including the expected delivery times of the vessels.

Offshore WIND Staff

Photo: Image source: ZTT

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