Bladt First Foundation Manufacturer with 100 Produced Jackets

Bladt Industries reported that it had fabricated its 100th jacket foundation, stating that the company is now first in the world to complete the fabrication of 100 offshore jacket foundations.

The company reached the milestone through serial production at its Lindo Industrial Park facility in Denmark, where it produced a total of 82 jacket foundations for German Baltic 2 and Wikinger offshore wind farms, and is currently working on delivering 30 jacket foundations for the UK Beatrice project.

“The completion of the 100th jacket in our history and our ability to serially produce them is a cause for celebration, not only for Bladt, but for the whole industry because it shows it can be done and there is a demand out there,” said Jens Peter Andersen, the company’s Product & Department Manager for Jackets unit.

Andersen pointed out that Bladt went from empty halls at Lindo in 2013 to establishing a state-of-the-art serial production facility.

Henrik Victor Hansen, Production Manager at Lindo added: “When we signed the lease for Lindo we had faith in that we would succeed because of the expertise we have built up over many years. There have been some bumps in the road along the way but we have learned from them and this has allowed us to develop and mature and reach our goal of full serial production.”

For the Beatrice project, currently under construction, Bladt sent off its first batch of jacket foundations at the end of August.

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