EEEGR, Orbis, UK DIT Discuss Offshore Wind Opportunities Over Breakfast

Managers from companies in the local supply chain met for breakfast on Tuesday morning at the Orbis Energy building in Lowestoft to hear a presentation delivered over a video link from Michiel Hendrickx, the UK Department for International Trade’s (DIT) Senior Trade Advisor in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Offshore Wind sector provides long term opportunities for many companies working in this sector including those represented at the breakfast meeting.

These opportunities, including ones for companies looking at a cross-over from offshore oil and gas to offshore wind, are looking far into the North Sea and far into the future with the offshore hub island on the Dogger Bank projected to be a reality by 2050.

Michiel described the Dutch Model for tendering and gave details of projects already in a planning phase and those due for tendering in years to come starting with Hollandse Kust Zuid in December. The new Dutch Government has yet to define their plans for the industry but have already given indications that the growth will be there.

A good initiative from the 3 parties, and who can resist a bacon sandwich?

Dick Hill, Offshore WIND

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