Statoil Confirms First Hywind Turbine Floated Into Place

Following reports on the first turbine arriving at the site of the world’s first floating offshore wind farm in Scotland, Statoil today confirmed that the first of five Siemens 6MW turbines, mounted on a SPAR-type floating foundation, is at its designated location. 

The remaining four will follow soon.

The turbines are 253 meters tall from bottom to wing tip, of which 78 metres will be under water and 175 metres above, according to Statoil, which further added that the turbine has a rotor diameter of 154 metres, with each blade being 75 metres long and the nacelle big enough to park two double decker buses inside.

The floating substructures, built by the Spanish Navantia-Windar consortium, are 91 meters long and have a diameter of 14,4 metres.

The 30MW Hywind Scotland Pilot Park, which can provide 20 000 UK households with renewable energy, is owned by Statoil (75%) and Masdar (25%).

Hywind Scotland is expected to be commissioned later this year.

Photo: Image: Statoil (First turbine ready to sail away from Norway.)