Forewind Set to Assign Dogger Bank Operators

Assigning operators for four Dogger Bank offshore wind projects is the next major step that needs to be taken so that the projects could enter the pre-construction phase. 

Forewind, the consortium behind the Dogger Bank development, said that the initial aim will be to assign operators for the two projects that make up Dogger Bank Creyke Beck, which is expected to be done within the coming 12 months.

Once the operators are in place, they will initiate the pre-construction phase for the projects, where priorities are likely to include: health and safety standards engagement with relevant stakeholders, technical work such as refining the wind farm design and liaising with the supply chain, and setting commercial agreements.

The process to have operators in place for Dogger Bank Teesside A&B projects will start some time after the one for Dogger Bank Creyke Beck has been finalised. Until then, Dogger Bank Teesside A&B will remain the responsibility of Forewind.

The UK government granted consent for the two Dogger Bank Creyke Beck projects in February this year, and Dogger Bank Teesside A&B were approved in August. Forewind then announced it had ceased work on its development consent application for Dogger Bank Teesside C&D to focus efforts on the four consented Dogger Bank projects.

The four Dogger Bank projects have a total capacity of up to 4.8GW (1.2 GW each). “That is almost equal to all the offshore wind capacity currently in operation in UK waters, so represents a huge achievement,” Forewind’s General Manager Tarald Gjerde said.


Forewind is a consortium of four international energy companies – RWE, SSE, Statkraft and Statoil – formed to develop and gain all the necessary
consents required for the development of Dogger Bank offshore wind projects.

At its peak, the Forewind team comprised around 45 full-time employees seconded from the owner companies, with support from a number of specialised consultants and contractors. The organisation has now significantly reduced in size, however a small team remains in place to manage the four consented projects until the owner companies eventually take them over to advance them towards the stages of construction and operation, Forewind  said.

Photo: Forewind's General Manager Tarald Gjerde (Photo: Forewind)