Norddeich Chosen for Nordsee One OWF Base

Nordsee One GmbH has chosen Norddeich (Lower-Saxony) as the base port for the Nordsee One offshore wind farm, for which it signed a long-term rental agreement with Norddeicher Schiffswerft GmbH.

The rental agreement will be valid for the next 26 years and covers more than 1,500 m² for offices and workshop/warehouse. A local architecture company Architektur- & Ingenieurbüro Torsten Janssen will design and construct the facility at the site.

From Norddeich, all wind turbines and the offshore substation platform will be monitored. In addition to the operation of the turbines, resource planning will be organized in Norddeich, too. Thus, long-term employments of local people are planned for this area.

Nordsee One GmbH said it will work with other local companies as well to make sure that the industrial region around Norddeich could be further developed.

The offshore construction of Nordsee One is scheduled to start in 2016 and the wind farm should be in operation the end of 2017.