Navantia-Windar Win Hywind Floating Foundations Order

The joint venture Navantia-Windar has been awarded by Statoil’s subsidiary Hywind Scotland Ltd, the supply of 5 spar-type floating foundations for 6 MW turbines.

This will be the world’s first commercial floating test park. Each foundation has a displacement of approximately 3,500 tonnes, dimensions approximately 90 meters x 14.5 meters diameter. The construction shall take place at the Navantia Fene Yard in Spain, and shall be transported and installed offshore Scotland.

The construction will start December 2015, and delivery of the last unit is scheduled for February 2017.

Navantia Wins Hywind Floating Foundations Order (2)
SPAR illustration

Navantia is already constructing jackets foundation and substations for Iberdrola’s Wikinger projects in the Baltic Sea.

Image: navantia