Majority of UK Residents Support Wind Power

The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change has released the results of its latest wave of public attitude tracking survey, which shows that the support for offshore wind power has remained stable since the last wave. 

According to the DECC’s findings, level of support for individual renewable energy sources also remain stable to that reported in September 2014; offshore wind (74%), onshore wind (68%), wave and tidal (74%) and solar (81%). Support for biomass represents a slight increase at 65%, up from 60% in December 2013.

Renewable energy sources continue to receive high levels of support, over three- quarters of UK adults (76%) support the use of renevvables to generate electricity, fuel and heat in the UK, a similar proportion to September 2014 (78%) and December 2013 (77%).


The 12th wave of data was collected between 10 December 2014 and 8 January 2015 using face-to-face in-home interviews with a representative sample of 2,119 households in the UK. The wave 12 questionnaire is essentially the same as that used in wave 11 but with additional questions on renewable heat, as included in the wave 10 survey. Wave 9 was the last annual survey.

Image: The Crown Estate (Illustration)