Photo of the Day: Offshore WIND Waves to Damen FCS 2610 (Correction)

Correction: It has come to our attention that the vessel passing by Offshore WIND’s office yesterday was not the Damen FCS 2008, but the 2610 type. Find the corrected article below.

Offshore WIND’s photo of the day: Damen FCS 2610 passing by our office at Las Palmas Building in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 

Damen recently received an order from SeaZip for two more of these vessels, after the company took over its first couple of the FCS 2610. Among offshore wind service suppliers that own this type of vessel are also Rix Sea Shuttle, Offshore Wind Services, Sure Wind and Njord Offshore.

With the FCS 2610, Damen has created a new standard in the market for offshore service vessels. The vessel offers reduced peak accelerations of up to 75%, reduced added resistance in waves of up to 60% and has already transferred maintenance crew to turbines in wave heights of 1.9 metres.

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Offshore WIND Staff, Image: Navingo (Offshore WIND)


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