OWIB Kicks Off Today

OWIB opened this morning in Esbjerg with delegates from all over Europe attending the networking and the conference sessions over the next 2 days.

OWIB Kicks Off Today

A special focus on the British market is being emphasized by the British Ambassador, Vivien Life, who opened the speaking after the opening of the event by Morten Holmager.

The Ambassador described the encouragement that the UK government has on offer for investment by companies outside of the UK and especially in Denmark. Great importance, however, is placed on this investment including jobs in Britain.

Quoting the success from companies such as the Siemens investment in Hull and Dong in their offshore wind farms who between the two companies will be employing over 1600 people in the future, the future is open for all comers in this new industry supply chain.

Offshore WIND staff, September 03, 2014; Image: navingo