ESG Delivers Blade Rack System to EnBW Baltic 2 GmbH

After two months of construction by ESG – Edelstahl und Umwelttechnik Stralsund GmbH, the Blade Rack system, a steal frame transport system, is completed and has already been deployed to the client, EnBW Baltic 2 GmbH.

ESG Delivers Blade Rack System to EnBW Baltic 2 GmbH

Outfitted to a construction vessel, the Blade Rack system is designed to moor 18 rotary blades designated for the wind turbines for the offshore project EnBW Baltic 2.

On 21 June 2014, the Blade Rack system was transferred to a Ponton, after which it embarked on an escorted journey around Rügen Island, across the Baltic Sea and through the North Sea–Baltic channel to Cuxhaven, where finally it was received by the client.

In order to meet the production deadline, ESG employed around 60 new fitters and welders on a permanent basis, which quadrupled the overall employment at the Stralsund-based Venture. Furthermore, the employment of 2 trainees is planned for August 2014.

In July 2014, the construction of a working prototype of the GICON Floating Offshore Foundation (GICON®-SOF) by ESG will start. Until the end of the year the construction entails the use of 670 tons of steel. During the early part of 2015 the actual deployment of the prototype in the Baltic Sea is planned.


Press Release, June 26, 2014; Image: gicon


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