Galion Lidar Eyes Dudgeon Offshore Wind Site

Galion Lidar Eyes Dudgeon Offshore Wind Site

SgurrEnergy’s innovative remote sensing device, Galion Lidar, has been deployed by Dudgeon Offshore Wind Ltd, owned by leading international energy companies, Statoil and Statkraft, to undertake a wind measurement and analysis campaign to support the development of Dudgeon offshore wind farm, located off the coast of Norfolk in the UK.

Two Galion G4000 Offshore wind lidars were deployed on the transition pieces of two wind turbines at nearby Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm and the campaign will acquire project-critical wind resource data for Dudgeon wind farm’s development.

The wind resource data gleaned from the measurement campaign will enable robust energy yield estimates for Dudgeon wind farm, including site wind conditions such as wind shear and turbulence.

The wind data will include measurements that will allow IEC compliant characterisation of the incident wind resource at the two Sheringham Shoal turbines that the Galions are installed on, enabling low cost offshore power curve tests of these wind turbines.

Dr Peter Clive, senior scientist at SgurrEnergy, said: “The versatility and scanning capabilities of the Galion Lidar device give us an opportunity to gather wind resource measurements offshore that would not otherwise be possible. Galion has a strong track record in this kind of low cost offshore measurement, giving us confidence in the methods.”

Press release, March 12, 2014; Image: sgurrenergy