The Netherlands: Veka Group Eyes Offshore Wind Market

The Netherlands: Veka Group Eyes Offshore Wind Market

With the introduction of a new, larger Multipurpose Catamaran 26 for crews and equipment transport services for wind farms, the group hopes to have a bigger mark on this segment.

The 25.50 meters long Multipurpose Catamaran is the larger sister of the Animal Multipurpose Catamaran, which was built in 2012.

The aluminum catamarans are built by luxury yacht builder Jongert, part of the Veka Group. The catamarans are suitable for transporting materials and personnel to and from offshore wind farms. Jongert can produce multiple Multipurpose Catamarans annually. “When demand exceeds Jongert’s capacity, we can enable a second site location for construction.”

Bolt realizes that it is difficult to get finance for ships: “Especially for smaller businesses, the case is that  it is not possible to grow rapidly in an emerging market without funding.”

Both types of catamarans can accommodate 12 passengers and 3 crew members. However, the 25.50 meter long version can carry more goods, two 20 teu containers on the foredeck and a 10 teu container behind. In addition, more fuel can be stored . “The larger ship is seaworthy and has twice the range , 800 instead of 400 miles,” said Bolt. “It can be used in further offshore wind farms.”


Press release, November 28, 2013; Image: veka


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