‘2013 Taiwan Energy Exposition’ Held in Taipei

'2013 Taiwan Energy Exposition' Held in Taipei

The Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, held the “2013 Taiwan Energy Exposition” in Huashan Creative Park in Taipei from September 20th to 23th.

The exposition not only provided a wealth of knowledge regarding green energy information, but also arranged many activities and performances, such as quiz contests, micro medias, energy theater for children, energy magic show, unplugged music, and a balloon show.

The Bureau of Energy cooperated with ITRI, TIER, TRI, NCKU, ERC NCKU, and GEDC to organize the event. This is the first big energy exposition held by the government. There were four topics: the evolution of energy policy, the exhibition of research results, the development of renewable energy, and the information transmission of energy conservation; all of which were presented by their own topics, interactions, and creativity exhibitions. This exposition combined many kinds of elements from the city and life to create special experiences and ambient.

The highlights of the exposition:
Energy policy area: Allowing people to know the evolution of Taiwan energy policies by walking through the energy time tunnel.

Renewable Energy area:
Solar energy shop: Exhibiting the PV products, such as PV mailbox, clock and PVT(Photovoltaic thermal collector/system). Hence providing remote control PV cars for people to easily understand solar power generation principles from playing.

Wind energy Park: Exhibiting two kinds of wind turbines, an off-shore wind farm model, and interactive facilities for people to understand the application of wind power.

Biomass energy station: Exhibit biomass materials, such as straws, microalgae and sawdust. Also providing two touch games for people to realize different kinds of biomass materials, products and applications.
Ocean energy port: Exhibit a 50W wave energy generation system, which is designed by a low-abrasion technique, at which average energy efficiency is up to 15%, to show that the development of ocean energy technologies in Taiwan has already caught up with the main stream international trend.

Geothermal energy spring: Exhibit 50kW Qingshui geothermal system model and video to explain the development of geothermal energy and it’s applications.

Energy conservation area:
Energy conservation house: Exhibiting a highly-efficiency energy-saving air conditioning and lighting technology system, energy labels, and “Cool Style” shirts in living room, kitchen, study, and dressing rooms.

Energy maze park: Allowing people to realize six energy-saving skills by passing through the maze.

Smart grid: Exhibit four kinds of energy-saving products – smart appliance control system, electric management plug, Clamp-on voltage and current meter technology, and smart meters.

“2013 Taiwan Energy Exposition” was free of charge to those who attended it, and there were professional guides in every area to display more than 30 exhibitions which belong to the results of renewable energy and energy conservation technology – two of them, a cellulosic butanol production technology and Clamp-on voltage and current meter technology, that won R&D 100 awards. Besides, there were many interesting activities, free coffee powered by hydrogen energy and eggs cooked by solar thermal energy for people to have fun.


Press release, October 29, 2013; Image: taipeitravel


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