Denmark: ITW Densit Plans to Launch New Product Series of Ducorit® UHPC Material

Denmark: ITW Densit Plans to Launch New Product Series of Ducorit® UHPC Material

ITW Densit plans to launch new product series of Ducorit® UHPC material in the near future. The new versions of Ducorit® vary in their strength class and are tailor-made for demanding offshore and onshore applications.

Moreover, this newly developed product program also provides grouting companies with opportunities for achieving significant savings throughout the grouting process.

The grouting operation is not the product alone, but the entire setup around a “one stop shop supplier” In addition, the company has developed new state-of-the-art grouting equipment that enables a quicker, safer and more efficient installation process. The development of new Ducorit® product series and grouting equipment was initiated by ITW Densit in order to respond to market demands and to satisfy the needs of its customers.

“Our experience and research of grouting markets shows that even a small decrease in installation time can have a significant influence on the overall costs of a grouting project” – says Jacob Wernberg, the Business Unit Manager of ITW Densit, – “That is why our goal is to create products that will help our customers shortening installation time by more than 50%, and thus saving the costs of downtime”.

The recent tests made by ITW Densit of Ducorit® new product series, have shown that this goal can be achieved with an efficient organization of grouting projects. That is why ITW Densit always works closely with its customers and provides a careful supervision and technical support throughout the whole project.

The first products in the new product series would be available in the market from the end of the year 2013, and new products would be launched continuously, following a thorough certification process.


Press release, June 4, 2013; Image: ITW Densit