Germany: PCS Expands Its Portfolio of Products for Wind Energy

Germany: PCS Expands Its Portfolio of Products for Wind Energy

Germany: PCS Expands Its Portfolio of Products for Wind Energy

PCS Power Converter Solutions GmbH continues to expand its portfolio of products for wind energy In addition to the state of the art PCS Green Line Power Converters, PCS now offers a total drive train system solution including generator, transformer and converter.

PCS will present examples from the Green Line Family of full power converters as well as a Green Line 1000 reactive current converter solution on April 16-19, 2012 at the EWEA Annual Event in Copenhagen in Hall C3-C29 at Booth C 1-4.

Wind energy has become one of the main drivers of the energy revolution in Germany. To ensure reliable power supply using wind energy, wind turbines need reliable and efficient frequency converters. The PCS Green Line Family of full power converters is suitable for wind turbines with electrical and permanent magnet synchronous generators. The product line differentiates itself through its proven reliability, modular product design and the specific expertise of PCS in the area of grid codes and grid compatibility.

The PCS Green Line Family also features a retrofittable LVRT reactive current solution, PCS Green Line 1000. This reactive current converter family is now available in two performance classes. It is designed for use in a single wind turbine and can also be integrated into converter systems of existing turbines. Easy integration and an optimal price-performance ratio were instrumental in persuading e.n.o. energy to use the Green Line 1000 in its certified total system e.n.o. 82.

 IGBT-based power module and DCU

The full power converters of the PCS Green Line Family rely on IGBT-based 4-quadrant converters. The 3-phase power module at the core of the power converters ensures maximum performance. The line-side and generator-side power inverters are connected using a voltage link. The spatially dense layout of the three phases on only one liquid cooled heat sink reduces the leakage inductance in the voltage link. Durable, long-lasting film capacitors are used as intermediate circuit capacitors. One power module produces 500 kW (620 kVA). The inductor-type parallel circuits make the converters of the Green Line Family scalable in 500 kW increments. At EWEA in Copenhagen, PCS will demonstrate all aspects of the solution – including its monitoring and control functions, its modularity and flexibility, and also its partial load capability. Furthermore the Green Line 1000 will be presented to experience the expertise of PCS concerning worldwide grid supply guidelines.

PCS will also present the DCU (Drive Control Unit) – the inverter’s intelligence. This compact, modular and EMC-compliant microprocessor-controlled electronic unit is responsible for the control, protection and supply within the power converter, among other things. It was designed by PCS and is based on maintenance-free components and demonstrates an exceptionally high degree of integration.

Grid codes and grid compatibility

In order to satisfy grid operators’ requirements, the PCS Green Line 1000 supplies reactive current during brief drops in voltage. Here, the power converter compensates actively for a part of the harmonics. A required reactive current is provided within 12 ms. In each power cabinet there is a chopper, which significantly increases operational security during grid faults. The power provided by the generator is transformed into heat in the chopper resistor until the pitch control has turned the rotor blades away from the wind and the system comes to a standstill. This technology has already been tested and certified under the most difficult climate conditions – not least in the largest test centre for wind turbines in China.

 PCS Green Line Systems complete package

Ever more wind turbine operators are seeking an integrated overall solution for converting wind energy to electricity. PCS Green Line Systems are a complete solution – consisting of power converters, generators and transformers – for a sophisticated integrated power generation system. The basis for the successful establishment of PCS Green Line Systems on the market is the intensive cooperation of PCS with Starkstrom-Gerätebau GmbH (SGB) of Regensburg, Germany, one of the world’s leading suppliers of power transformers.

 PCS – a dynamic team with a wealth of experience

PCS is an independent manufacturer of power converters with a wealth experience, approximately 240 qualified employees and a turnover of EUR 63 million. The electrical equipment produced by this Berlin-based company has proven itself more than 70,000 times over – under the harsh conditions of railway use (PCS Rail) as well as for the highly-dynamic requirements of industrial use (PCS Blue Line). Since 2005, PCS has ensured that there is a fresh breeze for power generation from wind energy. More than 1,500 PCS Green Line power converters help to operate wind turbines on a technologically-advanced level – with user-friendly design, excellent monitoring and control technology, real and simulated test runs, extensive project management and complete service.


Offshore WIND  Staff, March 23, 2012; Image:  PCS