Pelamis Wave Power Welcomes Partnership Agreement from Shetland (UK)

Pelamis Wave Power​ welcomes the news that Vattenfall have signed a memorandum of understanding with the Shetland council and the Shetland Charitable Trust, with support from Highlands and Islands Enterprise, to develop a marine energy roadmap for the islands.

The partnership agreement, the first of its kind, was signed at the inaugural Dynamic Shetland Renewable Energy conference.

Vattenfall are partners with Pelamis in the Aegir Wave Power project, which is developing a 10MW wave farm using Pelamis technology off the southwest coast of Shetland.

 Andrew Scott, Aegir Project Development Manager, commented “The announcement that Vattenfall will be working closely with Shetland Island Council and the Shetland Charitable Trust on wave energy is great news for the current Aegir development, but also for the longer term strategic deployment of wave farms of large scale, for the benefit of everyone.”


Offshore WIND staff, November 17, 2011