The Netherlands: TrustLube Gives ‘Sneak Peek’ of its Innovative Open Gear Lubrication System



TrustLube is a dynamic Dutch company that specializes in innovative and environmentally sound lubrication systems. TrustLube products enable the maritime, (petro)chemical and food industry to save a considerable amount of time, money and energy.

For each lubrication point an exact dosage of lubricant is used. The systems are suitable for oil and grease lubrication. The hermetically-sealed systems prove themselves in practice. All lubrication processes are recorded and monitored by a unique monitoring module, using wireless connections. Ambient temperature, line length and viscosity do not affect the lubricant dosage. TrustLube systems not only enable savings up to 70% on lubrication costs, they also improve the continuity of the industrial process. By decreasing corrosion, the lifecycle of equipment is lengthened and repair costs are diminished. TrustLube products are used by well-known, worldwide operating companies.

At the Offshore Energy Exhibition, TrustLube gives a ‘sneak peek’ of one of its latest innovations: the open gear lubrication system. This reliable system is developed especially for the rack and pinion lubrication of large installations like windmill platforms and drilling rigs. A working model of this system, shown at the TrustLube stand, demonstrates the smart, ‘green’ and time-saving sprocket wheel lubrication.

In November 2011, TrustLube will move its operations from Willemstad to Business Park Borchwerf II in Oud Gastel, along motorway A17. In line with TrustLube’s ‘green’ philosophy, the new company building will be equipped with energy-saving solutions, such as a heat recovery system and led-lighting.


Source: trustlube, October 12, 2011