The Netherlands: Chevalier Floatels to Develop New Concept for Windpark Accommodation


Chevalier Floatels, together with Holland Shipyards and Atlas Ship Delivery, has recently engaged in the development of a new concept for accommodation in offshore windparks.

Chevalier Floatels already has considerable experience in the offshore accommodation market, and therefore knows what the clientele is looking for.

Two identical floatels are currently being developed. The vessels measure 66,40 m by 14,00 m and offers accommodation to 49 passengers in single cabins and 16 crewmembers. The vessels will have a 30 day autonomous operating capacity.

Besides living quarters and public areas, such as a fitness, restaurant and dayroom, the vessel will carry DP2 notation, a cargo crane, container space, crew boat landings and an Ampelmann heave compensated gangway, to make the drop-off of workers a risk free exercise.

Western European organizations focus on the well-being of their workforce and therefore aim for comfortable accommodations with all amenities at hand.

Recognizing this need, the accommodation vessels of Chevalier Floatels provide all the comfort for the workers, and live up to the clients’ high expectations.

Together with Atlas Ship Delivery and Holland Shipyards care has been taken for the quality of the vessel and its operations.

Chevalier Floatels aims to deliver a viable alternative to the existing trend of small crew transfer vessels. These vessels are certainly suited for windparks that are closer to shore, but the farther offshore, the more time is lost travelling up and down. The alternative is to create a “home base” inside the park from where workers operate, thus reducing traveling time and the need for additional crew transfer boats. This is exactly where Chevalier Floatels sees room for its new Windpark Accommodation Vessels.


Source: holland-shipyardsbv, September 19, 2011