REpower Presents 3MW Wind Turbine at EWEA Anual Event (Belgium)

At the EWEA Annual Event, REpower Systems AG (WKN 617703) introduces a turbine of the three-megawatt class with a hub height of 143 meters. With its 114 meter rotor diameter and a rated power of 3.2 megawatts (MW), the REpower 3.2M114 can optimally utilize the potential of low-wind locations.

With the powerful 3.XM series, REpower is following the trend toward higher hub heights. Matthias Schubert, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at REpower Systems AG, explains: “Especially in the European market, greater hub heights allow new sites to be developed. In Southern Germany, for example, significant unexploited potential still exists in hilly terrain and forested areas.”

For the 3.2M114 with a hub height of 143 meters, a hybrid tower made of concrete and steel is used, which is erected in segments. With high hub heights, this process is more economical than with a traditional steel tower. The production principle also allows the turbine to be easily dismantled. At the end of 2010, two type 3.4M104 three-megawatt turbines with a hybrid tower 128 meters in height were first erected as part of the Clauen (Germany) project. A prototype of the 3.2M114 with a hub height of 93 meters and a steel tube tower will first be erected at the end of 2011.

The EWEA Annual Event, the most important technical event of the European wind industry, will be held from March 14 – 17 in Brussels. At its two-story trade fair stand with over 260 square meters of floor space, REpower Systems AG will present its entire product portfolio from the onshore and offshore areas as well as Service & Maintenance. In the annual service survey of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) which has just been published, REpower ranked second among the wind turbine manufacturers in Germany. “With consistent regionalization and expansion of our remote surveillance and condition monitoring systems, we have ensured that all our turbines are optimally maintained – our customers rewarded this with an excellent rating. We would like to thank our clients for the trust they placed in us and we will do all we can to further optimize our service features“, says Schubert.




Source: repower, March 04, 2011