Offshore Wind Power Systems of Texas Release Titan 200 Demo Video (USA)

Offshore Wind Power Systems of Texas announced today that it is releasing the Titan 200 demo video on its web site:

The video demonstrates the unique design capabilities of the Titan 3.6 MW and 5 MW Titan platforms with a state of the art offshore turbine that is self installing, self supporting and portable from one location to another. The design is certified to meet industry standards.

The system design allows for the installation of mega size turbines with blade widths of 250 meters and more, resulting in significant savings to the client company while enabling the client to collect a wider range of energy for his particular wind site location. Existing systems require the developer to place fixed foundations in place on a given site. The Titan “MSIP” System is mobile and re-installable to the rated water depth. This capability enables the developer to collect wind energy of the overall wind site in the most efficient manner, and its pay-back potential to the investors into the wind farm. The new video features each of the Titans unique capabilities, making offshore energy possible, efficient and safe.

Examples of the system may be viewed at the company web site or by request of informational publication.



Source: pr, January 24, 2011