HOCHTIEF and partner constructing EnBW Baltic 2 offshore wind farm for EUR 382 million (Germany)

Wind farm with 80 turbines being built north of Rügen – 50% share in joint venture

Hochtief Construction and the Belgian DEME Group have been contracted to construct major elements of the German Baltic EnBW Baltic 2 wind farm. The joint venture will deliver and erect the foundations and will handle logistics for the construction of the towers and wind turbines. The project is worth around EUR 382 million. HOCHTIEF has a 50 percent share in the joint venture and the client is EnBW Erneuerbare Energien.

One of the biggest challenges in the offshore market is that of anchoring the installations quickly and securelyl in the sea bed. The joint venture has great expertise and for the EnBW Baltic 2 will be using one of the world’s most effective special platforms for wind farm construction. This can also work in very rough seas and will anchor the foundations, which weigh up to 670 tonnes, in the sea bed at depths of up to 44 meters. In preparation, together with EnBW, HOCHTIEF has optimized the project with its planning and introduced numerous special suggestions. The offshore work will start in early 2012. After completion in 2013 the wind farm will have an output of 288 megawatts, generating roughly 1,200 gigawatt hours of environmentally-friendly power per year for around 340,000 households. EnBw is investing in excess of one billion euros in this project.

“HOCHTIEF is involved in the development of almost all German offshore wind farms and has developed into one of the leading providers of marine construc-tion and logistics services. We are already expecting further major contracts in this growth segment in the near future,” says Henner Mahlstedt, CEO of HOCHTIEF Construction.


Source: hochtief, August 30, 2010;