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OWC Secures Consultancy Role for Greek Offshore Wind Development

The Hellenic Hydrocarbons and Energy Resources Management Company (HEREMA) has appointed the renewable energy consultancy, OWC, to offer guidance in developing a strategy for wind resource and metocean survey campaigns.

Specifically, the contribution of OWC will support HEREMA in fulfilling Greece’s mid-term plans according to the National Development Programme for Offshore Wind Farms.

In-depth wind resource and metocean analyses are critical components when planning and developing offshore wind projects, especially when these take place in such a complex, green field terrain as the one of Greece,” said Vasilis Giotas, OWC Country Manager for Greece.

“Their advanced understanding has a direct impact on the long-term financial feasibility of a project. We look forward to supporting the offshore wind market of Greece in showcasing its remarkable potential through our collaboration with HEREMA.”

In October 2023, HEREMA unveiled the draft National Development Programme for Offshore Wind Farms, which includes 25 proposed areas.

The programme defines the eligible Organized Development Areas (ODA) and estimates the capacity of offshore wind projects that can be developed in the mid-term (up to 2030-2032) and long-term (after 2030-2032).

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By 2030-2032, the programme qualifies ten eligible areas for development, with a total capacity of approximately 4.9 GW, mainly for floating projects.

In the long term, the minimum capacity of offshore wind that would be developed across all areas is estimated at 12.4 GW.

While we are in anticipation of final approvals of the National Programme, together with OWC we have already begun preparatory work on the potential eligible Organized Development Areas for Offshore Wind Farms to accelerate proceedings and deliver the commissioned advisory as soon as possible,” said Aristofanis Stefatos, CEO of HEREMA.


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