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SOWEC Expands Priority List, Adds Seven Projects to SIM Funding Round

Scottish Offshore Wind Energy Council (SOWEC) has added seven projects to the three it already selected in February 2024 for priority assessment in the Strategic Investment Model (SIM) funding round. Of these ten projects, five are port facilities, four are supply chain proposals, and one is an equipment project.

“Out of the 45 projects that applied to the SIM, we now have 10 priority projects identified. These are the projects seen as offering best opportunities for collaborative approaches between offshore wind developers, Government Agencies, investors, ports and supply chain companies to unlock investment,” said Gillian Morrison, Supply Chain Development Manager at Crown Estate Scotland, and Chair of the SIM Working Group.

The priority projects are assessed as of high relevance and interest to developers. Two of these priority projects remain confidential, with details not shared outside the SIM Group.

The priority projects are Port of Nigg (Global Energy Nigg), Port of Cromarty Firth expansion (PoCF), Burntisland Deep Water FOW Facility (Forth Ports), Hunterston HVDC Cables Factory (XLCC), Port of Aberdeen South Harbour Upgrade (Port of Aberdeen), Ring Crane Development (Sarens PSG), Scapa Deep Water Quay (Orkney Islands Council), Wind Turbine OEM Facility (Mingyang Smart Energy Group).

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The other category is progress projects and there are 19 of them with good or medium interest and relevance to developers, said SOWEC. The SIM will support these projects to self-facilitate collaborative engagement with developers and also bring them together at a marketplace-style event later in 2024.

The projects are being chosen to progress because of their high relevance to supporting offshore wind deployment and good potential for collaboration, according to SOWEC. Three of these progress projects remain confidential, with details not shared outside the SIM Group.

The progress projects include Fabrication Facility Extension & Upgrade (Harland & Wolff (Methil), Flotta Ultra Deep Water Quay (Repsol Resources UK Limited), Fraserburgh New South Harbour (Fraserburgh Harbour), Kintore Pile Manufacturing Facility (eFab Limited), Kishorn Port Upgrade (Kishorn Port Limited), Micropile Fabrication & Production Facility (Subsea Micropiles (UK), Mobile Heavy Lift Ring Crane (Heavy Lift Projects Ltd) and Montrose O&M Energy Hub (Montrose Port Authority).

Several projects are being routed to support outside the SIM that can better assist. These referral schemes may require further development before a collaborative investment could be looked at, said SOWEC.

These projects are being referred to their local enterprise agency or other organisation to continue discussions on ways in which the scheme can be supported.

The Stage 2 process is ongoing, with initial meetings held for the first three priority projects. INTOG developers have also been invited to join the SIM and work within this collaborative approach to support infrastructure and supply chain development.

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