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OX2 Pushes Ahead with 400 MW Swedish Offshore Wind Project

OX2 and its partner Ingka Investments have signed a cooperation agreement with the Swedish electric power distribution company, Ellevio, and submitted applications for connection of the Galene offshore wind farm in Sweden.

The 400 MW Galene, the northern part of the 1.7 GW Galatea-Galene project, will be built about 21 kilometres west of Varberg and comprise up to 21 wind turbines across an area of ​​42 square kilometres. 

The Galene project received approval by the Swedish Government in May last year.

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OX2 applied for a Natura 2000 permit with the County Administrative Board of Halland and applied under the Act on Sweden’s Exclusive Economic Zone to construct Galatea-Galene in late 2021, and for a permit under the Continental Shelf Act in early 2022.

In January last year, the County Administrative Board of Halland approved the entire 1.7 GW offshore wind project and recommended that the government grants the project permission to be built.

Now, OX2 is cooperating with Ellevio intending to take advantage of the synergies between OX2’s experience in project development and construction of wind power projects and Ellevio’s experience as electricity network owner in both project phase and operation and management, according to the press release.

The cooperation agreement covers an investigation into the electricity grid connection of the 400 MW Galene offshore wind farm.

“Ellevio and OX2 will now investigate concrete and cost-effective solutions for connecting offshore wind to the grid, to the benefit of the electricity system and electricity customers,” said Johan Lindehag, CEO of Ellevio.

The Swedish developer also submitted three applications: an application to the Energy Market Inspectorate for a grid concession, an application to the Ministry of Economy for the laying of submarine cables on the seabed, and a permit according to the Environmental Code.

The application enables the laying of up to five power cables for the wind farm to the land acquisition site north of Ringhals on the Väröhalvön, where the cables continue to a transformer station that Ellevio is building.


OX2 plans to start construction work in 2026 to enable the wind farm to be operational in 2028 or 2029, according to the developer.

The company is developing six offshore wind farms in Sweden together with Ingka Investments: Galene on the west coast, Triton and Neptunus in southern Sweden, Aurora between Öland and Gotland, and Pleione and Ran off Gotland’s east coast.


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