Nova Scotia Moves Forward with Setting Up Offshore Wind Regulations

Nova Scotia has decided to focus first on building the regulatory framework for offshore wind energy development in areas jointly managed with the federal government before considering waters under solely provincial jurisdiction.

The Province, Natural Resources Canada, and the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada are working together on the regional assessment in jointly managed waters.

“We’re pausing any consideration of waters within provincial jurisdiction until the framework for jointly managed offshore areas is in place,” said Tory Rushton, Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables.

“The regional assessment that’s ongoing will help inform our decisions for the regulatory framework for both areas, and I encourage Nova Scotians to continue participating and sharing their input. Our decision to focus on jointly managed waters first reflects that we are listening to the feedback through this process.”

Nova Scotia has a goal of offering licences for 5 GW of offshore wind energy by 2030, with the first call for bids in 2025.

While there are some interested developers, there are no offshore wind projects under development at this time, according to the press release from the Nova Scotia Government.

In June, the Department released the first module of the Offshore Wind Roadmap, which set Nova Scotia’s vision for offshore wind and outlined the regulatory path for businesses to invest in projects.


It also noted that the Province would consider whether to pursue projects in waters under provincial jurisdiction.

The second module of the road map will be released in the spring and will reflect the focus on developing one clear regulatory regime for jointly managed waters first in consultation with all interested parties.


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