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Chartwell Marine, Vard Collaborate on 55-metre Offshore Wind Vessel

UK-based Chartwell Marine has partnered with Vard to introduce the Midi Service Operations Vessel (Midi SOV), a 55-metre offshore wind craft that is coming to both the US and European markets in 2024, according to the companies.

Chartwell Marine

The vessel is said to be designed Jones Act-compliant, Americanized, and ready for production in the US shipyards.

According to the partners, the Midi SOV has been designed from the ground up to prioritise stability and operability, and to be a cost-effective solution as the offshore wind industry tackles inflation and increasing costs in its development pipeline.

“The Midi-SOV offers a cost-efficient alternative to full-sized SOVs, contributing to the industry’s overall sustainability. We’re putting a strong emphasis on having these vessels manufactured locally, with US built vessels Americanised for the US market and Europe-built vessels for European operations,” said Andy Page, Director of Chartwell Marine.

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The vessel can be equipped with methanol-diesel dual-fuel engines, electric propulsion, and a supporting energy storage system.

The Midi SOV incorporates a low waterplane shape that broadens above the waterline, minimising and dampening roll motion. This allows the vessel to remain stable during operations, facilitating walk-to-work capabilities that were previously challenging for smaller scaled traditional SOV forms, said the companies.

The vessel features 36 single cabin bunks for the SPS crew, 20 crew cabins, and extensive crew facilities, including a gym, auditorium, meeting room, and day rooms.


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