Sif Joins Entrion Wind’s 100-Metre Depth Foundation Project

Sif Netherlands has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Entrion Wind to partake in the demonstration project for the Fully Restrained Platform (FRP) monopiles.

Sif (Illustration)

Entrion Wind is developing the FRP which combines fixed and floating platform technologies extending the water depths of the monopile up to 100 metres.

Under the MoU, the two companies will jointly cooperate to further develop the FRP concept.

Subject to the completion of the ongoing FRP development and technical findings, Sif Netherlands will assist amongst others with identifying a project site in Europe and support the evaluation of monopile design and fabrication.

The company may also assist in the overall planning, detailed design, and monopile supply for the full FRP demonstration project.


“Sif Netherlands is excited to work with Entrion Wind representing a new and innovative technology that may extend the operating depth and favourable economics and supply chain of the monopile from 60 – 100 meters,” said Michel Kurstjens, Product Strategy Director.

The foundation’s main components include a monopile with an air-can (AC) in one piece, a transition piece with a load ring, and a mooring system which can either be taut moorings with pile anchors or taut moorings with suction piles.

Entrion Wind is developing the FRP technology through the technology readiness level (TRL) process targeting commercial operations by 2026.


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