1.5 GW Offshore Wind Farm in Sweden Receives Natura 2000 Permit

OX2 has been granted a Natura 2000 permit for the 1.5 GW Triton offshore wind farm located within the Swedish economic zone off the coast of Skåne.


The Swedish developer applied for a Natura 2000 permit for the Triton offshore wind farm in December 2021.

In June the County Administrative Board finalized its handling by suggesting the government to grant Triton a permit according to the Act on Sweden’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

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If the government gives the final approval construction could start by 2027 and production before 2030, said OX2.

The Triton offshore wind farm comprises 129 wind turbines, with a maximum height of 370 metres. The planned production of electricity from the project amounts to approximately 7 TWh per year, which is equivalent to about half of Skåne’s annual electricity consumption, according to OX2 and Ingka Investments, the developers of the project.

The developers already signed agreements with several suppliers for the Triton offshore wind farm, including one with cable supplier NKT and one with EEW SPC for the supply of monopile foundations.

They also recently signed a letter of intent with Ystad Port to build an operations and maintenance base that will serve the Triton offshore wind farm.


OX2 is developing three offshore wind farms in Sweden together with Ingka Investments: Galene on the west coast, which was recently approved by the government, Triton, in the south of Sweden, and Aurora, between the islands of Gotland and Öland.

“All of OX2’s projects should be nature positive by 2030, meaning we develop ways to strengthen the biological diversity. For Triton that means, among other things, improving the living conditions for cod. We are also investigating ways to protect the shoreline from erosion,” said Emelie Zakrisson, Head of Development of Offshore Wind in Sweden, OX2.


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