Triton OX2

OX2 Swedish Project to Be Built and Operated from Raahe Port

OX2 and Port of Raahe have agreed to cooperate in the construction and operation of the Halla offshore wind farm in Finland.

Triton OX2

The cooperation would involve the passage of parts of the Halla offshore wind farm through the Port of Raahe after offshore construction starts which is planned to commence by the end of the decade.

In addition, OX2 and Port of Raahe will cooperate in the operation of the offshore wind farm once it is fully completed.

According to Pauli Sarpola, Managing Director of the Port of Raahe, the port will provide versatile port infrastructure for the operations during the construction of the Halla offshore wind farm and for the storage and assembly of components during the construction phase.

“After the start-up of the offshore wind farm, the port also provides support functions for the maintenance phase of the offshore wind farm”, said Sarpola.

The project, located in the Finnish economic zone some 35 kilometres off the city of Raahe, is expected to be completed around 2030.

The developer received exploration permits for Halla offshore wind project in January last year.

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The wind farm will comprise a maximum of 160 wind turbines which, if completed, will generate 12 TWh of renewable electricity.

“The Port of Raahe will function as Perämere’s leading versatile service center for offshore wind power, which will play a major role during the life cycle of other offshore wind farms coming to Perämere as well”, said Sarpola.

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