Haizea Orders Welding Automation Equipment for XXXL Offshore Wind Monopiles

Haizea Wind Group has placed an order with Pemamek, a welding and production automation provider, for automation machinery for XXXL monopiles that will be produced at its facility in the Port of Bilbao.

Haizea Wind Group

Pemamek will deliver its PEMA production systems designed specifically for thick, heavy structures over 8-meter diameter. The machinery will enable Haizea to manufacture XXXL monopiles with diameters up to 15 metres.  

The order includes a range of production systems designed to enhance the manufacture of extremely large offshore wind monopile foundations, with PEMA automation technology to streamline and improve Haizea’s overall manufacturing efficiency. 

Pemamek already started delivering the equipment and is scheduled to complete the delivery at the end of 2023 and have the systems ready for full production in early 2024.   

“The offshore wind energy industry is growing and the future for Haizea looks very good. We are excited about the new production technology”, said Jos Buijks, the Managing Director of the Haizea Bilbao Monopile Plant. “This investment represents a significant milestone in our growth strategy and will enable us to better serve our customers and expand our reach in the offshore wind energy market”. 

As reported last month, after recently signing major contracts with Iberdrola and Ørsted, Haizea will now expand its Bilbao site to have a surface area of more than 200,000 square metres and will also add a further 350 jobs at the site. Currently, the company’s facility in the Port of Bilbao has 48,800 square metres and 500 employees.

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“The delivered technology is highly capable in terms of production efficiency and quality for extremely large monopiles. Our driver is always to help the customer to succeed, and we look forward to working together with Haizea on this significant project. This contract is a strong indicator of Pemamek’s position as the leading production automation provider for the offshore wind industry”, said Jaakko Heikonen, Pemamek’s Vice Chairman of the Board and Director of International Sales & Marketing. 

In 2022, Pemamek also announced an investment in factory expansion and product development to increase the company’s production capability and abilities to meet the rising demand from the wind energy sector.

The Finnish company said its expansion decision came as a result of the received orders from the wind energy market during spring 2022, but also the growing demand for heavy industry robot solutions.

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