NOV to Design and Equip Cadeler’s Second F-Class Jack-Up Vessel

NOV has been awarded contracts for the equipment and design of Cadeler’s second F-class jack-up vessel.


The F-class is a bespoke version of the GustoMSC NG-20000X model specially designed as a hybrid wind turbine and foundation installation jack-up vessel.

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In addition to the two X-class vessels, which are set to be delivered from the second half of 2024 onward, this will be Cadeler’s fourth GustoMSC-designed jack-up vessel under construction at COSCO Heavy Industries.

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The Cadeler F-class vessels are designed with similar specifications to the X-class vessels, which were awarded in 2021. These self-propelled jack-up vessels are the largest in the industry, with 5,600 square metres of deck space and a carrying capacity of more than 17,600 tonnes, according to NOV.

Featuring a larger main crane capacity than the X-class, the F-class vessel’s design is said to allow it to quickly convert from a foundation to a wind turbine installation unit.

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This new hybrid jack-up vessel is designed to transport and install up to six XXL monopiles per round-trip, reducing the number of transits needed for each project, NOV said.

The second F-class vessel will also be outfitted with the NOV variable speed drive rack and pinion jacking system, including a regenerative power solution where the generated power is fed back into the vessel system.

According to NOV, these features substantially improve operational efficiency and reduce the installation’s total carbon footprint.

The second F-class vessel is expected to be delivered in the second half of 2026.


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