Environmental Permit for Sweden’s 500 MW Offshore Wind Project Expected by Year-End

The 500 MW offshore wind project in Sweden, Utposten 2, was presented to the administrative court and the environmental permit is expected to be obtained before the end of the year, according to Iberdrola, which is developing the project together with Swedish company Svea Vind Offshore.

Svea Vind Offshore; Visualization by SWECO

The offshore wind farm is one of the eight in which Iberdrola took majority stakes after signing an agreement with Svea Vind Offshore in 2020.

Work on the two Gretas Klackar projects, also among the eight in which Iberdrola acquired an ownership stake, is also progressing. The 1.6 GW Gretas Klackar 1 is currently in the consultation phase for its environmental permit, while the 600 MW Gretas Klackar 2 is in the process of approval by the municipal authorities, pending the establishment of the date for the vote.

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The Utposten 2 offshore wind farm is planned to be built at a site in the Bothnian Sea, offshore the municipality of Gävle, and comprise 32 wind turbines.

The Gretas Klackar 1 project site is located offshore the municipality of Hudiksvall, three kilometers southeast of Hudiksvall, and is planned to have up to 107 wind turbines.

Gretas Klackar 2, which would comprise between 30 and 62 wind turbines, is located approximately 30 kilometers east of Söderhamn.

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