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DP Energy Plans to Enter Australian Offshore Wind Market

The international renewable energy company DP Energy has unveiled plans for five separate offshore wind projects in Australia after the government introduced more supportive policy for the sector.

DP Energy

These five areas are off the coast of Warrnambool in Western Victoria, Wonthaggi and Port Albert in the Gippsland Region, and Wollongong and Newcastle areas in New South Wales.

Source: DP Energy

Catherine Way, director of DP Energy Australia, said that the company had been looking at the offshore potential in Australia for a number of years and had previously identified development opportunities within the Federal Government’s recent declaration of areas for offshore wind projects.

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The proposed projects could include fixed and floating platforms depending on water depths, said Way.

Way also added that DP energy is currently exploring opportunities either as their stand-alone projects or in partnership with other operators.

State Governments have committed to ambitious renewable energy and emissions reduction targets with offshore wind energy increasingly viewed as a critical component to meet these goals, according to DP Energy.

The Victorian Government is aiming to generate approximately 20 per cent (2 GW) of its energy needs from offshore wind by 2032, 4 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2035, and 9 GW by 2040.

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Several major players have entered the Australian offshore wind market, and many have already staked out their preferred wind areas.

The Bass Strait off Gippsland is home to several proposed offshore wind projects, including the 1.5 GW Seadragon being developed by Flotation Energy, the 1.3 GW Greater Gippsland project developed by BlueFloat Energy and Energy Estate, the 2.5 GW Great Eastern project developed by Corio Generation, and the 2 GW Star of the South, Australia’s first and most progressed offshore wind project.

When it comes to DP Energy, the company is currently working with Spanish renewable giant Iberdrola to deliver 3 GW of offshore wind in Ireland.

They also partnered with EDF Renewables for a floating offshore wind project in the Celtic Sea, which could have up to 1 GW of installed capacity.

Australia will be the company’s first venture into offshore wind in the southern hemisphere.

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