Gwynt Glas

EDF Renewables, DP Energy Pinpoint Celtic Sea Site for 1 GW Floating Wind Project

EDF Renewables UK and DP Energy have revealed more details about the location of their Gwynt Glas floating offshore wind project in the Celtic Sea, which could have up to 1 GW of installed capacity.

Gwynt Glas

The Gwynt Glas wider search area is 70 kilometres off the coast of Pembrokeshire and 45 kilometres from the north Cornwall coast, spanning both Welsh and English waters.

The developers revealed the details about the 1,500-square-kilometre site search area, together with maps, as part of early consultation now underway with the commercial fisheries sector.

“In announcing the site search area at this stage we are keen to get an early understanding of the current level and type of fishing activity in the area. We are inviting those involved in fisheries to respond to our consultation and to meet us to discuss the opportunities and potential challenges,” said Nancy McLean, Gwynt Glas Project Director.

EDF Renewables UK and DP Energy revealed the Gwynt Glas floating offshore wind project in January this year.

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Following wider consultation with all stakeholders, the floating offshore wind farm site will be refined and finalised to a much smaller area suitable to accommodate up to 1 GW of floating wind platforms.

This is being done ahead of preparing an application to lease the seabed later next year, according to the two companies.

The Crown Estate intends to run competitive leasing round to award seabed rights to developers for floating offshore wind projects in the Celtic Sea, targeting an overall regional capacity of 4 GW.

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Beyond fisheries, a wide range of factors will also be considered as part of the site selection process, including water depth, wind resource, proximity to nature conservation designations, seabirds and marine mammals, shipping, and distance from ports.

Remote aerial surveys for marine mammals and birds have been carried out over the last twelve months.

The Gwynt Glas floating wind farm is expected to provide power for approximately 927,400 homes and contribute a significant part to the Crown Estate’s ambitions for 4 GW of capacity in the Celtic Sea, according to EDF Renewables and DP Energy.

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