Asia Pacific Companies Team Up on Offshore Wind Project in Japan

Vena Energy Holdings Ltd (Vena Energy), Shikoku Electric Power (Yonden), and Toho Gas have announced the establishment of a consortium for the development of an offshore wind project in Aomori South, Japan.

For illustrative purpose only; Photo source: Vestas (archive)

The site was identified by the Japanese Government as a “promising” area for the development of offshore wind projects under the Act on Promoting the Utilization of Sea Areas for the Development of Marine Renewable Energy Power Generation Facilities.

According to the consortium, the project is currently undergoing all steps of the development process including the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), technical and sustainability-related activities, as well as stakeholders and community engagement, with the intention to participate in the auction following the potential designation of Aomori South as offshore wind promotion area.

“With the Aomori South Offshore wind project, we look forward to contributing to the achievement of Japan’s energy independence and carbon neutrality goals, while empowering and benefiting our local communities and stakeholders,” said Juan Mas Valor, Head of Vena Energy.

Japan is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050 and has set a target of deploying 10 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030 and 30-45 GW by 2040.

In 2019, the Japanese Government designated three areas offshore Aomori prefecture: Nihon sea (north), Nihon sea (south), and Mutsu bay.

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Last year, Iberdrola signed an agreement with Japan’s Cosmo Eco Power and the engineering firm Hitz to jointly develop the 600 MW Seihoku-oki project in Aomori prefecture, in the northwest of Japan.

In March 2021, JERA also submitted a Primary Environmental Impact Consideration Document to Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) for a new offshore wind project in Aomori prefecture.

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