A photo of a wind turbine being installed at Tra Vinh V1-2 nearshore wind farm in Vietnam

All Wind Turbines Up at Tra Vinh V1-2 Nearshore Wind Farm

All wind turbines have been installed at the 48 MW Tra Vinh V1-2 nearshore wind farm in Vietnam, which is expected to commence operations by the end of October / beginning of November.

Truong Thanh Vietnam group

The 12th and final wind turbine was installed at the project site a few days ago, according to OffshoreWIND.biz’s sources.

Tra Vinh V1-2 is one of three Tra Vinh nearshore wind farms, each bringing 48 MW of installed offshore wind capacity to Vietnam. The wind farm comprises twelve Goldwind GW155-4.5 MW turbines on monopile foundations, all of which were installed at the beginning of August.

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The project is owned by Truong Thanh Vietnam (TTVN) group in a consortium with Sermsang Power Corporation Public (SSP) from Thailand.

According to TTVN’s update from June, the first wind turbine was installed on 25 June.

At the beginning of August, TTVN reported all monopile foundations and seven wind turbines were in place, and said Tra Vinh V1-2 was following the schedule determined in the Investment Decision with the teams building the wind farm working full steam to have the project meet its commercial operation date (COD).