The DanTysk offshore wind farm, situated on the German-Danish border, in the German sector of the North Sea.

O&M Services Sought for DanTysk and Sandbank Offshore Wind Farms

DanTysk Sandbank Offshore Wind GmbH & Co. KG has issued a tender for operations and maintenance (O&M) services for the two offshore wind farms in Germany.

Illustration; Vattenfall; The DanTysk offshore wind farm

DanTysk and Sandbank will both come under a new joint operating strategy. Based on this, a subsequent list of annual O&M services for the wind turbines and foundations are required to tender, according to the operator.

The tender has been divided into two lots, with the operator looking to enter into a contract with maximum one contractor per lot, whereby the contractor can secure one or more lots.

One lot covers annual service and STAT inspections of the hoisting equipment, while the other is for annual O&M of wind turbines and foundations, including additional services.

A contract will be signed for two years, with an option to extend it by a year three times.

The 288 MW DanTysk offshore wind farm, located some 70 kilometres west of the island of Sylt, comprises 80 Siemens Gamesa 3.6 MW turbines that have been in operation since 2014.

Sandbank offshore wind farm has been in operation since 2017. The wind farm also has a 288 MW capacity and its 72 Siemens Gamesa 4 MW turbines are spinning some 90 kilometres west of Sylt.