Industry Launches Subsea Design Software for Floating Wind

Industry Launches Subsea Design Software for Floating Wind

A group of companies from the offshore renewable industry has developed a pre-engineering design software solution for the subsea architecture of floating wind farms.


The partnership includes floating wind power developer EOLFI, renewables engineering consultancy Innosea, electrical engineering and numerical simulation consultancy Capsim, software providers AbyssCAD, and engineering school Centrale Nantes.

The STATIONIS software, said to be the first of its kind in the field of floating wind, offers solutions for defining the optimal mooring design and inter-array cabling of a floating wind farm.

“This is a unique all-in-one anchorage and electrical connection design software that provides the ability to design a floating wind power farm from the optimal architectural design of the anchors to the internal electric structure, to delivery at sea”, said Hakim Mouslim, managing director of Innosea.

STATIONIS supports the decision-making regarding electrical equipment and anchorage for a specific architectural set-up in order to optimize the performance of the underwater connections.

It can assist decision-making in the development of floating wind farm projects at any stage of the design cycle and for any size and type of wind farm, the developers informed.

“This software improves the design quality of floating wind farms from a technical, cost and risk perspective”, says Matthieu Pettinotti, EOLFI.

“It’s a very user-friendly decision-making tool that allows finding the optimal subsea configuration. It represents a substantial time-saver in the front-end engineering development phase.”