Siemens Gamesa and Siemens Energy Join Floating-Wind-Turbines-for-Hire Project

Siemens Gamesa and Siemens Energy Join Floating-Wind-Turbines-for-Hire Project

Siemens Gamesa and Siemens Energy have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoU) with Odfjell Oceanwind to collaborate on the development of Mobile Offshore Wind Units (MOWUs).

Odfjell Oceanwind

Odfjell Oceanwind, part of Norway’s Odfjell Group, develops, owns and operates a fleet of floating MOWUs with the primary purpose of supplying electricity to “off-grid” or “micro-grid” consumers. The company operates as a ”shipowner” and the MOWUs are provided on a rental basis.

According to Odfjell Oceanwind, MOWUs are ideally suited to provide power to oil and gas installations that require power for a limited period, typically until the production closes on that particular field.

Siemens Gamesa and Siemens Energy Join Floating-Wind-Turbines-for-Hire Project
Source: Odfjell Oceanwind

The intention of the MoU is for the three parties to jointly develop MOWUs with Odfjell Oceanwind’s WindGrid™ hybrid for micro-grids, where emissions could be reduced by up to 70 per cent compared to power generation from gas turbines or diesel engines, the Norwegian company said.

The WindGrid™ is intended to utilize Siemens Energy’s BlueVault™ energy storage solution which includes batteries, AC PowerGrids, transformers, switchboards, and power control system.

”Both Siemens Energy and Odfjell OceanWind share a common goal for decarbonizing the energy sector,” said Bjørn Einar Brath, Managing director of Siemens Energy AS.

”Odfjell Oceanwind’s Mobile Offshore Wind Unit concept represents an innovative and promising solution, whereby our batteries and power control system can help provide safe and reliable energy storage for the wind units.”

Odfjell Oceanwind’s harsh environment semisubmersible MOWUs are intended to use Siemens Gamesa SG 14-222 DD or SG 11.0-200 DD offshore wind turbines, featuring either 14 MW or 11 MW capacities, respectively.

”Safely combining current strengths with innovative future solutions is a Siemens Gamesa hallmark. We’re energized by the chance to help develop mobile offshore wind units with Odfjell Oceanwind and Siemens Energy, and the far-reaching opportunities these units could provide. The renewable energy industry continues to undergo a rapid evolution, and we are excited that even with all we as Siemens Gamesa have achieved to date, we feel that we’re just getting just getting started on our offshore journey,” said Marc Becker, Siemens Gamesa Offshore CEO.

The MoU is of non-binding nature, Odfjell OceanWind said.

”Odfjell Oceanwind is on a fast track development to build a rental fleet of floating mobile wind units with a potential to contribute to the oil and gas industry’s emission reduction targets faster than any other available technology,” the newly-appointed CEO of Odfjell Oceanwind, Per Lund, said.

”The cooperation with both Siemens Gamesa and Siemens Energy gives us access to world-leading and proven solutions for wind turbines, energy storage, as well as solutions for power and integration to the host platforms. This is vital for us to minimize time to market, and being able to scale quickly. Our ambition is to have our first units producing renewable power from 2024.”