Apollo and Vekta Group Join Forces for Offshore Wind

Apollo and Vekta Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to together provide services across the offshore wind and oil & gas sectors.

The combined service offering brings commercial, project management, yield modelling, power, electrical, mechanical, structural and marine experience.

The two focus areas are technical advisory services for offshore wind developers, as well as electrification of oil & gas assets.

“Apollo and Vekta Group quickly realised that there was a natural synergy between our respective engineering and consultancy services, that would benefit clients across the energy sector,” said Apollo’s Marine and Renewables Director, Nigel Robinson.

Wind Developers can access a unique owner’s engineer service model, supporting a broad range of expertise through a single contact point. Meanwhile, the integrated offering further supports the drive of operator businesses to reduce their carbon footprints and to qualify the electrification of assets.”

According to the parties, this joining of forces is in direct response to the increase in the demand for engineering and development solutions, with Round 4 and ScotWind leasing rounds in the offing and the net-zero targets of the hydrocarbon sector.