Partrac and Team Working on Arklow Bank 2

Partrac, MetOceanWorks and Cooper Marine Advisors are carrying out a detailed assessment of the geomorphology of SSE Renewables’ Arklow Bank Wind Park Phase 2 offshore wind project.

The consortium partners are currently in the second stage of their project, following the completion of the first round of work at the end of 2019.

Last year, the team provided a comprehensive literature review, an initial phase of numerical modelling and recommendations for detailed site investigations, including metocean and geophysical surveys.

Now, in Stage 2, Partrac and partners are utilising the survey data to provide local validation of the modelling tools which will be used to support a long-term assessment of the lease area, export cable route and surrounding areas.

“The geomorphological assessment compliments our engineering work streams, allowing us to make decisions with increased knowledge and therefore confidence. We are pleased to be working with the Partrac consortium toward delivery of Stage 2 of this exciting project”, said John Davidson, SSE Offshore Geotechnical Engineer.

In mid-July, Partrac informed that it provided metocean survey and consultancy services for three offshore wind projects currently under development in Ireland.

The Arklow Bank Wind Park Phase 2, located off the East Coast of County Wicklow in the Irish Sea, has a consented minimum installed capacity of 520 MW.

The offshore wind farm is planned to be built by 2025.