SSE Renewables Hires RPS for Berwick Bank, Marr Bank Consenting Activities

SSE Renewables has appointed RPS as the lead consultant for offshore Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and shadow Habitat Regulation Appraisal (HRA) for Berwick Bank and Marr Bank offshore wind projects, formerly known as Seagreen 2 and 3.

RPS will lead the development of the Berwick Bank and Marr Bank Scoping Reports, EIA Reports, HRA Screening Reports and Report to Inform Appropriate Assessments (RIAAs). These will inform the application for consent for both projects.

Having provided post consent support services to both Seagreen Alpha and Bravo, it’s really exciting to be leading the EIA and HRA for both Berwick Bank and Marr Bank. We are looking forward to working with SSE Renewables’ development team and in close collaboration with the project’s key stakeholders throughout the pre-application phase for both projects”, said Emily King, Project Director of the offshore EIA and HRA.

SSE Renewables is currently in the process of seeking consent for the next phase of Berwick Bank and Marr Bank which, combined, could have an installed capacity of up to 4.15 GW.

The proposed installed capacity of Berwick Bank is between 1,400 MW and 2,300 MW and Marr Bank’s between 900 MW and 1,850 MW.

Berwick Bank could be operational in 2027 while Marr Bank would follow suit later.

SSE Renewables renamed its Seagreen 2 and 3 offshore wind projects to Berwick Bank and Marr Bank, respectively, at the beginning of July, saying it wanted to distinguish the two standalone offshore wind farms from the neighboring Seagreen 1 project.

All three Seagreen sites were awarded exclusive development rights in 2010, but are now progressing on separate tracks, with Seagreen 1 having reached a final investment decision this June.