Polish Port Making Room for Offshore Wind

Poland’s Port of Gdynia has revealed expansion plans which would allow the port to accommodate the construction and operation of offshore wind farms in the Polish Baltic Sea.

The Port of Gdynia Authority S.A. expressed its interest to apply its pre-emptive right and purchase the War Shipyard. The purchased land is to increase the functionality of port services, with particular emphasis on the construction and operation of Polish offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea, the port said.

The Port of Gdynia Authority has already carried out a preliminary investigation of the possibility to adapt owned land for handling, storage, and assembly of offshore wind farm components. The investigation was carried out in connection with the planned implementation of the National Programme for the Development of Offshore Wind Energy concerning the construction of offshore wind farms on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea

Back in June 2019, the Port of Gdynia signed a Letter of Intent with local community representatives to jointly invest in and operate onshore facilities for offshore wind farm construction off the southern coast of the Baltic Sea.

At the end of last year, Poland plans to develop 8GW of offshore wind energy in the Baltic Sea by 2035.

The energy company PGE has presented forecasts showing Poland’s Baltic Sea has the capacity to generate 9GW to 12GW of energy, ranking it second only to the North Sea, which has capacity for 13GW.

In total, 13 wind farm projects are under consideration in Poland’s Baltic Sea with an ambition to generate 25% of the country’s energy by offshore wind by 2040.

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