Penguin International Delivers Formosa 1 SATV

Penguin International Delivers Formosa 1 SATV

Penguin International Ltd. has delivered the service accommodation and transfer vessel (SATV) for the Formosa 1 offshore wind project to a Taiwanese operator.

The 35m SATV Ventus Formosa was built by the Penguin Shipyard in Singapore and designed by the UK BMT.

Penguin International Ltd.

According to Penguin, the prototype vessel is purpose-built for 12 technicians to live aboard and commute daily to offshore wind turbines for up to a week.

The SATV is a fully equipped live-aboard vessel that enables technicians to live on board in plush cabins while commuting between the turbines without requiring daily port calls, the company said.

To further enhance the live-aboard experience, Ventus Formosa is equipped with several proprietary systems that work together to minimize noise and seasickness.

The 128MW Formosa 1 wind farm consists of the 8MW Formosa 1 Phase 1, inaugurated in May 2017, and the 120MW Formosa 1 Phase 2 which was officially commissioned in November.