Combined Grid Solution Converter Ready For Energization

The converter for 50Hertz and Energinet’s Combined Grid Solution interconnector in the Baltic Sea is ready for energization.

The energization will include all converter components as well as the expansion in the substation in Bentwisch, and control technology, 50Hertz said.

Developed by Denmark’s Energinet and Germany’s 50Hertz, the Combined Grid Solution is the world’s first project which will combine grid connections to offshore wind farms with an interconnector between two countries.

The 400MW interconnector will link the 288MW Baltic 2 wind farm in the German Baltic Sea with Denmark’s 605MW Kriegers Flak wind farm which is yet to be constructed.

The project will connect the Danish region of Zealand with the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The interconnector will allow electricity to be traded in both directions – from Denmark to Germany and from Germany to Denmark.

As eastern Denmark and Germany are two different synchronous areas, a frequency transformation is necessary.

This will be done by two converters that convert the alternating current from the Nordic synchronous area into direct current and directly back to AC, now adapted to the European synchronous area. The so-called back-to-back converter is being installed in Bentwisch near Rostock, Germany.

The Combined Grid Solution project is financially supported by the European Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR).

Photo: 50Hertz/Jan Pauls

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