MHI Vestas 9.5MW Turbines in the Game for Japanese Offshore Wind Farm

Hibiki Wind Energy has identified MHI Vestas as the potential supplier of turbines for the Hibiki-nada offshore wind project in Japan.

Hibiki Wind Energy has revealed that MHI Vestas is a candidate to supply its V174-9.5MW turbines for the Japanese project.

To remind, in February 2017, the government of Kitakyushu City selected the consortium of Kyuden Mirai Energy, Kyuden Corporation, Hokutaku Renewable Energy Service, J-Power, and Saibu Gas to build the Hibiki-nada project.

The tender winners established the special purpose company Hibiki Wind Energy shortly after. Kyuden Mirai Energy holds 30% of the company, J-Power controls a 40% stake, and Hokutaku, Saibu and Kyudenko hold 10% each.

The Hibiki-nada project is expected to have a capacity of up to 220MW and to enter the construction phase in 2022.

Photo: MHI Vestas