NKT to Service TenneT’s Offshore Cable Joints

German-Dutch power grid operator TenneT has awarded NKT with a three-year service agreement contract covering the cable jointing part of a larger offshore service agreement.

The contract covers the cable jointing work for seven power cable systems and includes a tailored preparedness plan designed by NKT to ensure minimum downtime in case of damages to the high-voltage power cables, which originally was manufactured by NKT.

In total, the seven TenneT power cable systems covered by the service agreement deliver more than 3,000MW of power.

NKT said that the agreement supports the company’s strategic focus to grow its service business as the industry attention for power cable service is expected to increase in the years ahead. The global transition to renewable energy creates a growing demand for reliable power cable connections for the expansion of both offshore wind and the interconnected onshore power grids, NKT said.

”The agreement with TenneT is a milestone for NKT and our ambition to become the preferred service partner in the market. With the agreement, we support TenneT with our experienced jointing technicians, specially designed tools and equipment as well as guaranteed mobilisation time to minimize the potential downtime,’‘ said Oliver Schlodder, Executive Vice President and Head of Applications, Service & Accessories.


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